About Me

About Me


Sean Scanlon is a travel and landscape photographer based in Southern California, home to an amazing array of photographic wonders. His love of photography, travel, and some well timed work assignments have allowed him to travel the world with camera in hand. His interest in photography began during his mid twenties, and after a visit to Yosemite he realized he had no idea what he was doing and promptly put the camera away for a number of years.

As time passed, and a number of travel opportunities presented themselves, he picked up the camera again if only to collect a few snapshots of his journey. While on the western coast of Ireland, a cold wind whipping him in the face, he fell in love with the camera.

From that point forward photography has been Sean’s passion. He has traveled the world, journeyed on long and desolate desert roads, and spent many cold and shivering mornings waiting for the sun to rise while his partner in life, Andree, wonders what in the world she is doing up at 4am in the morning.

His photographs have been presented on museum walls in Melbourne, Australia and countless numbers of family and friends. Scenes of India, his first publication, is a collection of photos from his journey to India in August of 2007.

Galleries and prints of Sean’s work are available through his website, https://redinkphotography.com.